REM Electronics adds a new line of PLC’s


REM Electronics is excited to announce the addition of a new product line.  We are now the newest distributor in NE Ohio and Western Pennsylvania for CIMON control products.

We took on this product line knowing that there are OEM’s who will never consider deviating from Rockwell, Siemens, Allen Bradley or other automation mfg’s because their customer requires it or maybe they have just always used them.  We also know that there are many companies that are NOT locked into using these over-priced manufacturers and are tired of paying the “hidden” costs of doing business with them.  Things like paying for annual software seat licenses and shelling out money for technical help on a per-call basis add up in the end. These are just some of the reasons we are excited to partner with CIMON.

CIMON’S headquarters and manufacturing are based in South Korea (they are South Korea’s largest manufacturer/supplier of industrial controls).  Their USA headquarters (support, stocking, and engineering) are based in Las Vegas, Nevada

Main CIMON offerings include:

  • 3 PLC models which are basically equivalent or higher performance than the Micro, Compact, and Control Logix (but substantially less money)
  • Low-cost touch screen HMI products
  • Hybrid PLC/HMI units (with great advantages over Horner and Unitronics)

Here is a link to the catalogs:!AsZNtzNHmEay810K46aYsaFQ25VM?e=a9DPTf

Main CIMON advantages:

  • Rockwell level/type PLC offering at significantly lower prices
  • Broad range of very competitive HMI and PLC/HMI combo units
  • Free software & free support
  • 2-year warranty
  • Will customize and private label

Our questions for you:

  • Are you willing/trying to deviate from Rockwell, Siemens, Mitsubishi, or Omron PLC’s to get the same performance at a better price?
  • Are you looking for affordable touchscreen HMI units?
  • Would like to try a PLC/HMI combo unit, or would like an alternative to Horner or Unitronics?
  • You like the pricing of your Automation Direct, but are looking for something with another level of quality or support?

If the answer to any of those questions is “yes”, we look forward to talking with you.


Jimmy Ianni



Neal Chipoletti