New Product Line – EiKO

REM Electronics is proud to announce the addition of the EiKO line of lighting to our line up! Their traditional product offering includes linear and compact fluorescent, HID, halogen, incandescent, and specialty lighting solutions. But where they really shine is their LED fixture and retrofit kits for indoor and outdoor applications, replacing those energy consuming conventional lighting systems. Indoor products include high bays, slim panels, troffers, strips, canopies, and downlight kits; while outdoor products include flood, area, high bay, vapor tight, and wall packs. Not only do these products look great and provide excellent quality lighting, they also pay for themselves in no time at all by offering tremendous savings on your energy and maintenance costs! Call us today for an evaluation of your needs that will help you move toward a greener, eco-friendly living or work space. From living rooms, office spaces and factory floors to the great outdoors, EiKO products have you covered in quality, energy saving, low cost lighting!